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Darling Minuet kittens

newly designed  -  with love in southern california  -  updated NOVEMber, 2018





Our BSH Website is live: www.british-shorthair-kitten.com


About Minuet Kittens Cattery


WELCOME TO Minuet Kittens Cattery - Newly designed look

Home of very small Minuet kittens, silver & golden Persians & British Short Hair Kittens.

         We are CFA and TICA registered cattery and we breed small MINUETS (Napoleons) and doll face PERSIANS. We also expanded to BRITISH SHORTHAIR kittens and have built a sister website for those: www.british-shorthair-kitten.com

         All of our adult breeders have excellent pedigrees and health. Our goal is to produce healthy, loving and petite kittens with sweet doll faces which you can welcome in your home as new family members. 
           Napoleons - now Minuets, are dwarf kittens, a cross between Persian and Munchkin and they have the best of both breeds.  About half of the kittens in each litter are STANDARD - with very short legs; the other half is NONSTANDARD - regular legs. 
         Because we started with Silver and Golden Persian breeders, which are the smallest division of Persians, most of our kittens are very small.  Recently, we expanded our Minuet program and we breed now also Chocolate and Lilac, Cinnamon and Fawn and also pointed Minuets.  We are located on the coast of Southern California about an hour drive from San Diego and Los Angeles.  We are glad you found us!

     You can browse our Available pages, fill out an Application, & read our Q & A Page.      Email: minuetkittens@gmail.com (best way to reach us)                 Phone: 760-472-3377

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Nursery & new babies

Updated November 14th, 2018

On this Nursery Page you can see our newly born Standard and Non-standard Minuets.  For British Shorthair kittens please visit my daughter's website: www.british-shorthair-kitten.com 

ONLY about 50% of MINUET KITTENS have STANDARD (or short) legs. The rest of the kittens have REGULAR legs, called NON-STANDARD, and are equally sweet, loving & adorable. 

This page is for new babies only, and those that are a tad older are moved to one of our Available Pages.  You can reserve a kitten on any page by:     

1. Placing the non-refundable deposit on Paypal ($200 for non-standard and $400 for standard kitten). Click Buy Now.

2. Filling out an application and letting us know which kitten you're interested in & reserving.


Below, you will see our 4 siblings listed: Thumper, Tatum, Tiny Tiger and Teacup.  They were born at the beginning of summer and are ready for their new homes! These four are amongst the sweetest kittens we have had! Two have been adopted already.

"THUMPER" - Pending - LOWER FEE !

This little STANDARD blue with white Minuet boy reminds us of Thumper from Bambi. Hence the name. He hops around in a bunny-like manner as well, because of his standard short legs. He is super loving, and really beautiful! He loves to follow us & loves affection! We adore these little STANDARD dwarf kittens, because they cannot jump on the kitchen counter and walk all over it. Thumper's adoption fee is now only $ 1,700. Thumper is currently Pending.  DOB is 6/26/18 and he is ready for his new home now.

Updated photos of Thumper from October.

"TINY TIGER" - Available - LOWER FEE !

This is Tiny Tiger, our tabby with white non-standard Minuet boy.  Our little gentle & sweet tiger!  This cute boy has just had his photos updated, but you can still see a few baby pics.  His coloring is captivating! His coat is very low maintenance. He is very loving, available and ready for his new forever home now.  DOB 6/26/18 . His adoption fee has just been lowered to $ 1,025.

We should probably add, that boys make really sweet, cuddly lap pets.  Imagine this little one purring on your lap.

"ocean blue" - standard boy - reserved

One single STANDARD boy - blue tabby. We call him Ocean Blue. He is getting more beautiful every day and he will be a looker. Here are just a few of his babies pictures. Eyes are opened, ears are opened, he is learning how to lift his head, he is crawling and as soon as he will be able to lift his belly and will learn how to walk on his tiny short legs, we will retake the photographs. He is currently reserved.  His DOB is 8/27/18 and his adoption fee was 2,500. He is nearly ready for his new home now.

Ocean Blue.jpg

Ocean Blue had updated photos in October

The 4 siblings below were born at the end of August, and two are still available and would make wonderful family additions!

Zane - Standard boy - Available now

White and cinnamon van bi-color STANDARD short hair Minuet boy. DOB 8/22/2018.

Zane, meaning ‘well-born’, or ‘noble’ is a curious little explorer who loves to play and run around. In unusually early age he became very much people oriented and very affectionate. Now he prefers people to his feline friends, he follows us step be step and he is definitely a” lap top” kitten - sitting on my lap as I am typing. He is currently AVAILABLE. A $400 deposit will reserve him for you and his adoption fee is $ 1,800. He is ready for his forever home! And he is really a teacup size lover boy! He would like to spend his life on someone’s lap.

Updated photos 10/24.

zofie - standard calico - RESERVED

Yes, if she is calico, she must be a girl. In this case, a shorthair STANDARD chocolate calico girl and she will be a looker soon. Beautiful red, cinnamon and chocolate coat.

Zofie is currently RESERVED and her adoption fee was $2,600. DOB is 8/22/2018, and she will be ready for her new home at age 10-11 weeks. She is smart already, as is characteristic of calicos, and has those adorable short little legs.

Updated pictures of Zofie 10/1 - she would be most likely ready for her new home early November.

Zeke - Standard Boy - AVAILABLE

Zeke is our last “Z” baby, a chocolate with white STANDARD medium hair Minuet boy. Yes - people like our little chocolate Teddy Bears! His coat is a little curly, but easy to manage. His DOB is the same as his siblings, 8-22-18, and his adoption fee is $2,200.

He is busy nursing, playing, growing, and sleeping. He has very short legs and a very sweet disposition. Zeke is currently AVAILABLE.

Updated photos 10/24/18

Aspen & alpine cocoa - reserved

Welcome our new brother and sister siblings, Alpine Cocoa & Aspen. DOB 8/28/18. They are both standard, short to medium hair minuets. Alpine Cocoa is our chocolate and white boy, and his sister Aspen is cream and white bi-color girl. They barely turned a month old, and these are their debut photos! Alpine Cocoa’s adoption fee is 2,800 and Aspen’s is 2,700.


A new litter of three siblings arrived in September - Josephine & Juliette…. read about them or reserve them below.

josephine - standard girl - reserved

Josephine is our beautiful STANDARD short hair calico Minuet girl. She has a special up-side-down “J” on her forehead, and thus has earned the name Josephine. This cutie is smart, quick on the uptake, and very curious. She would make a loyal addition to your family, and would keep you on your toes.

DOB 9/1/18. Josephine is growing and developing nicely and loves playing with her sister. These are her debut photos from this week! Her adoption fee was 2,700 and she is RESERVED.

juliette - available

Juliette is Josephine’s non-standard sister, also a very pretty calico girl with medium hair length. They are best of friends, love playing together, exploring new toys, and learning how to retract their claws during play. They are eager to become gentle and loving kittens!

Juliette will be a looker! Her coloring is adorable! Her DOB is also 9-1-18 and her adoption fee is 1,350. She is AVAILABLE and will be ready for her new home in early to mid-November.

Our standard very small cinnamon with white queen had her preciously awaited kittens last month… they were born 9/20/18 and should be ready for their new homes just around Christmas. All are boys - and boys are very affectionate (much more than girls in our years of experience)!

snickers -standard boy - RESeRVED

Welcome Snickers! He is our STANDARD cinnamon tabby medium hair minuet boy. He will be quite a looker! Barely one month old, these are his debut photos. He is busy nursing, sleeping, eating and repeating - but he should be ready, weaned, and litter box trained just in time for Christmas.

Snickers is RESERVED for Pat and his adoption fee was 2,700.

marble - standard boy - reserved

Meet Marble, our STANDARD lilac with white medium hair minuet boy. Marble has very short legs and he is a momma’s boy right now. He loves exploring and playing with brother Mai Tai pictured in the last photo. Marble will be quite a handsome boy and should be ready for his new home before Christmas.

Marble is now RESERVED for Nicholas and his adoption fee was 2,700.

mai tai - standard boy - reserved

This is Mai Tai, the last of our 4 brother siblings. Mai Tai is a STANDARD cream with white short hair minuet boy. When he looks at you, he is lovely and makes your heart melt. He is calm, sweet and gently playful. He loves to be pet and you can expect him to follow you around like a little puppy.

Mai Tai DOB is 9/20/18. He is RESERVED and his adoption fee was 2,650.

stardust & storm - standard girls - both reserved

These two little girls are both STANDARD minuets. Stardust is golden and white tabby short hair and storm is white pointed short to medium haired. They are adorable and each other’s best friends. Stardust is affectionate, inquisitive, clever & playful. Storm is bold, brave, and not afraid to let you know her presence.

DOB 9/22/18. Stardust is RESERVED or Li and his wife Candice and her adoption fee was 2,800. Storm is reserved for Michael and will live in Los Angeles.

Please visit our British Shorthair Website to view our Available BSH Kittens.       Click Here to Visit Website

Click here to visit our BSH website

Our Available British Short Hair kittens, similar to the 14 pictured just above, are now listed on our sister website. Please click the link above to visit our Nursery Page - they will no longer be featured on our Minuet Kittens website, only on the new site.





Please visit our sister site for more BSH kittens like these.


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Available Minuets

Updated November, 2018

On this page you can see our STANDARD (short legs) and NONSTANDARD (regular legs) Minuet kittens that are ready to go. For new AVAILABLE kittens, please see the NURSERY & New Babies page. 

If you are interested in our kittens and want to start communication with our cattery, please fill out our brief Application FIRST.  Sorry, we do not have time or means to answer an influx of brief emails, but we do contact all the Applicants.  We also notify all our Applicants when new kittens are born - via our NEWSLETTER. 

Peyton (the Pirate) - available now! (4 months old)

This white with light fawn (almost cinnamon) beauty to the right is a non standard Minuet boy. His gorgeous fur is medium to long hair, and he wants to be everywhere we are. He adores the younger baby kittens and initiates play.   We call him Peyton the Pirate due to his light cinnamon color hair around one eye. His adoption fee is $700. He is ready for his new forever home now and will bring you lots of love and purrrrrs. DOB 6/1/2018.

Peyton is a very social kitten that likes both feline, and human company. It would be ideal to adopt him with another kitten so he could have a play mate.


Please contact us by email first at minuetkittens@gmail.com.  Phone or text (760) 472–3377 (limited availability)

Below is a gallery of some of our beautiful kittens.  These babies have been adopted already, and we continue to have others like them.

Available Teens & Adults

Updated November 2018 - some of our older kittens and teens may be available late fall and winter 2018.

Kittens are undoubtedly among the cutest things ever - who can resist them? Sometimes, however, a slightly older kitten may be a more appropriate fit for both parties involved and make for a smoother transition, and an equally loyal and loving relationship for many years! Although the term "kitten" refers to a feline of one year or younger, we consider a 'kitten' up to 5-6 months of age. 6-12 months would then be a 'teenager'.  A teenage kitten will still form a very strong bond with their new family, and may not be as mischievous toward you and your home as a very young kitten that is still learning.  

On this page you can every once in a while find an available teen or adult we may have.  Sometimes we prepare a kitten for a show or plan as a future breeder and then the situation changes. In fact, it is a great way to adopt a very good quality kitten or cat for an exceptional price.


Tomcat - non-standard minuet medium hair boy, and what a darling this one is. If you would like to adopt an affectionate kitten - one that will follow you around, looking for your lap, curious about every activity you partake in? Then Tomcat is the boy for you! He is 5 and a half months old, gentle, sweet, and his adoption fee is only $550.

Tiny Legs - we call this one Tiny Legs, because he is a standard minuet! He is actually Tomcat’s brother, and these two are best friends. They even wanted to take their photos together! Tiny Legs is curious, quick and loves attention. He also follows us like a little puppy and wants to be a part of all you do! His adoption fee is now only $1,400 (a savings of $1,000).

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Questions & Answers / Adoption Info

Your ultimate resource to familiarize yourself with our cattery, the breed, and what to generally expect during the adoption process.


Q: What is the best way to contact us?                                                                                                            A: email. please fill out an application after reading this page first. (contact info bottom of page). Or send us a text.

Q: What is a Minuet (formerly Napoleon) kitten?
A: Minuet is a relatively newly recognized breed - a beautiful breed! It is a cross breed between a classic doll face Persian and a Munchkin. In January 2015 the international cat associations voted to change the name from NAPOLEON to MINUET. We have been breeding beautiful Minuet/Napoleon kittens since 2007.

Q: What does STANDARD and NONSTANDARD Minuet mean?
A: On average, 50% of Minuet kittens are born STANDARD - with short legs and the other 50% have regular sized legs. Those are called NONSTANDARD Minuets. Standards are not only shorter, but nearly always also smaller.

Q: Why do you love Minuet (Napoleon) kittens?  What makes them unique?
A: There are so many reasons. We love cats but we don't enjoy having a cat on our dining table or kitchen counter. Standard Minuet does not jump on your counter. They are friendly, loving, playful and funny!
Our cattery started by breeding Persian kittens. Silver and Golden, which are the smallest division of Persians.
In 2007 we got very excited about Napoleons - because of all the advantages they have over Persians. Our first Minuet kittens were born 07/07/2007 and we fell in love with them ever since. Now we breed mostly Minuets.
Minuets are much smaller than an average Persian cat. They are dwarf kittens. Our adult Minuets weigh between 4-7 lbs, while regular Persian cat could be 12-18 lbs. If a cat smaller than 9-10 lbs is considered "a teacup size", then all of our Minuets are considered teacup cats.
      Other top 3 reasons we love Minuets: They are much more playful even as adults. Their coats are easier to manage. They are small and cute. Minuets play even as adults. Their coats are very silky, which makes that daily combing and grooming unnecessary: most of our Minuets require combing only once a week or less, because they do not have that cottony undercoat. We also breed short hair Minuets - which more and more families prefer now.  Lastly, standard Minuets are even smaller than nonstandard. Some of them are good jumpers but THEY WILL NOT JUMP ON YOUR TABLE OR KITCHEN COUNTER (not even when you are not home!)

Q: What is the health of Minuets like?
A: We breed for health. Minuets are a healthy breed. They do not have diseases related to breed. Since they are more related to Persians than to Munchkins we tested all our adult breeders for PKD - Polycystic Kidney Diseases at UC Davis and they are all negative. When parents are negative, kittens cannot inherit PKD.
     Some health problems can be triggered or aggravated by inbreeding, and some Persian cats in the US were or are in-bred. Because Minuets are cross between two breeds, we breed completely unrelated cats, thus inbreeding is eliminated, and health is improved. We vaccinate all our kittens with a quadruple cats vaccine (killed viruses) at the age of about 6-7 and again 9-10 weeks. They are wormed twice at the same age.

Q: Do you still breed Persians?
A: Yes, from time to time we still have a litter of Persian kittens, mostly Silver or Golden. Sometimes we also have pointed Persians = Himalayans. But we like Minuets for their advantages over Persians. If you are interested in a Persian kitten, we recommend to consider a nonstandard Minuet kitten instead. It will look just like a classic doll face Persian, only smaller, and the price is more advantageous too.

Q: Why do you recommend two kittens?
A: I personally never had just one kitten. Getting two kittens at the same time is best for both your family and the kittens. You will have 10 times more fun with two kittens than with just one. It is a whole new world! The kitten will have his buddy with him when leaving his mother and our cattery, and the travel and transition will be so much smoother. All the crying (and meowing) of the first days will be eliminated, and stress from new environment will be cut in half.
     Two kittens will keep each other company when you are not home. Each kitten needs at least one feline and one human friend. We discount the second kitten and we charge only one shipping fee for both.  So - we prefer families who want two kittens. One standard and one nonstandard is best choice. Unfortunately, your elderly cat is not a suitable companion for a young kitten. He can watch the kitten play, but will not interact much with him, so even if you do have a cat at home, you still need to consider two young kittens. 

     Based on 11 years of experience of breeding, we know they miss feline to feline interaction, and we suggest they get adopted with a nonstandard kitten. One standard and one regular legs Minuet kitten, a boy and a girl, make the best combination. Two boys are still a better combination than two girls.

Q: What is your (PAID) Waiting List? How do I reserve a future kitten?
A: Families who have sent us an Application but have not chosen a kitten yet, can be placed on our WAITING LIST.  Please sign up for our NEWSLETTER, as we notify via our NEWSLETTER when new litters arrive & you have first dibs!  Families who want two kittens - a nonstandard with a standard, are given preference. We may accept a deposit toward a future kitten under specific circumstances - for those who are sure they want our kitten and are willing to wait for a certain coat color or gender, for instance. If we cannot produce that desired color or gender during one breeding season or during one year, the deposit is returned. If you cancel for any reason during the waiting period, there is no refund. But talk to us about this possibility first, please. If you are certain of adopting a kitten and choose to pay a deposit toward a future kitten, you can be placed on our PAID Waiting List (top choice).

Note: only about 50% of Minuet kittens are born STANDARD and those get usually reserved very quickly. If you want a STANDARD Minuet kitten, then the best way to go - is to place a deposit as soon as first photos are published - usually on our NURSERY page.

Q: What if you do not have a kitten I want at this time?
A: We encourage you to fill out our brief application anyway, to let us know what kind of kitten you are interested in and to start communication. No deposit is needed at this time. You can also only apply for our NEWSLETTER if you like.

Q: What is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit?
A: When a kitten is reserved for you, it is taken off the market, so to speak. It is your kitten now, you are just waiting for him to finish nursing and learning all necessary life skills from his mommy, and get ready for his or her new home. The kitten is now not available to others, who may also be interested. 
(Canceling suddenly triggers a large amount of new bathing, new grooming for photographing, cropping, publishing, advertising, new communication with a new possible families. There is a lot of time involved with it and all that makes the kitten more expensive.) The DEPOSIT is $200 (or $400 for a standard kitten), but please be sure about your kitten before you pay, since as with all other catteries, the deposit is not refundable.

Q: What is the price of your kittens?
A: Our price is determined by the quality of the kitten, how much they meet the breed requirement, and other factors.  Prices of our kittens may change and are entirely our discretion. Standard Minuet kittens are usually about $2,200 - $2,600 and non-standards are between $1,350 and $1,650.
The look, shape, quality of their coat or eye color and personality and disposition all influences their price.
Our beautiful doll face Persians are from $ 1,250 to $1,500 and my daughter's BSH kittens are $ 1,350 - $1,750. Note, if paying via PayPal, a 3% fee applies; explained below.  Because we have MANY FAMILIES who want STANDARD Minuet kittens, we give preference to families who take two kittens - one standard and one nonstandard. Those have the shortest wait time. Also - it is much better if the kitten comes to their new environment with a feline companion.  Lastly, sometimes our older kittens, or teen kittens, are discounted.

Q:  Are you able to ship your kittens?
A:  Yes, we are to ship kittens nationwide. We prefer and recommend to all adoptive families to pick up their kitten in person (and take them in cabin).  It is the safest and most comfortable way for the kitten.  We do use several airlines pet programs, and even though they have temperature controlled and air pressurized pet cabins  - they are imperfect: experiencing weather restrictions, flight delays, summer embargoes to hot/warm areas, travelling with other pets, etc.  Some smaller airports do not have pet programs or are closed over weekends.  Our average shipping cost is $ 500. The fee covers a veterinary visit & health certificate stating the kitten is healthy & able to fly required by the airlines, an airline approved pet carrier, and the cost of the airfare and trip to the airport.  

We would like to recommend whenever possible that the new owner flies to pickup the kitten in person, and we would meet them at the airport for a nominal fee of $50.  This is to ensure the highest safety of our kittens and the least amount of stress on them due to airline issues, layovers, etc.                               

Q: What if I live close to San Diego/ Los Angeles and do not need shipping?  
A: If you live in So CA - San Diego, Los Angeles, etc and you reserved a kitten on our website, then you can pick up your kitten in our home, after they have been weaned, vaccinated, and prepared for a new home.  All the other rules are the same as for the families who need shipping.

Q: How do I reserve a kitten? 
A: New kittens become available when about three weeks old, after we take their first baby pictures and display them on the NURSERY & NEW BABIES page. A few days before, we also notify all our Newsletter subscribers, who get first choice. (Applicants who have already paid the $200 deposit have priority). 
Note: after some past unpleasant experiences we are not open to the public anymore. You cannot come into our home and see the little babies, because it disturbs the mothers. But families who have reserved a kitten, can see THEIR RESERVED kitten after the first set of vaccinations are done at about 6-7 weeks old.

     TO RESERVE A KITTEN: If you have chosen one (or two) of our kittens which are currently marked AVAILABLE on our NURSERY or AVAILABLE KITTENS pages, please fill out our APPLICATION FORM letting us know which kitten to reserve for you. At that point you must put down the non refundable Paypal deposit. We also accept Venmo. Then that kitten will be RESERVED for you and you will be notified. It is your kitten now, so the deposit is not refundable and not transferable to another kitten. It does apply toward the kitten adoption fee. For STANDARD kittens there is a $400 deposit. Please note kittens are reserved on a first come, first serve basis in terms of receiving your deposit (not your application).

Q: Can I come see a kitten? 
A: After some unfortunate experiences we are not open to public anymore. The rules are nearly the same as for Internet purchasing. We used to welcome our prospective families in our private home for the past 10 years, in spite of them coming sometimes in big groups, with kids, relatives and schoolmates. It is not safe to invite into our home someone we met on the Internet and we believe most of you would be hesitant to do that as well. So thank you in advance for understanding.

Q: When is payment for my kitten due?                                                                                                                                        A: Full payment can be split in two. When the reserved kitten is 5-6 weeks old, the first half payment plus transport fee $500 (if needed), are due. We cannot accept personal checks, but you can either mail us a Money Order / Cashier's Check, or we can send you an INVOICE via Paypal (3% Paypal fee applies) for the first half payment. We also use Venmo. After first payment is made, it is time to sign a contract, which serves as your receipt.
The second half payment (less the deposit) is due shortly before shipping or personal pickup (same as above applies). If you are local and are picking up your kitten in person, we accept cash as well. The final contract is signed by us after you have completed full payment. You will also receive a Health Certificate with your kitten.

Note: You can view the Contract on this page, bellow.

Q:  At what age can the kittens go to their new home?
A:  The Cats Associations' answer is : at 12 - 16 weeks old. There is the earliest possible age, and then there is the optimal age. There are really many factors involved in this: size and maturity of the kitten, whether or not the kitten will need to be shipped, whether or not one kitten is traveling, or if two are going together, etc. 

     1. If the family lives locally, no shipping is involved, older children, adult at home (or working from home), taking two kittens at the same time, the kittens are average size, if experienced cat owners in the past:  In this case the answer is -  at the age of 10 - 16 weeks.

      2. If a single person, working long hrs, shipping across country, one really tiny STANDARD kitten, if a first time cat owner: the time frame is closer to 12 - 16 weeks.  Our veterinarians do not want kittens weighing less than 2 - 2.5 lbs prior to travel. Because Minuets are dwarf kittens - much smaller than other breeds, some may reach this weight later. Especially standards. There may be many possible risks involved - the weather, dehydration, cancelled flights, contact with other pets travelling... 
So - it all depends on the size and weight of the kitten, his independence from mother, life skills he already learned (newborn kitten for instance does not know how to retract his claws, and his mother and siblings have to teach him. Same with biting. You do not have the ability to teach them).

         An important fact is - that a kitten starts bonding with people when about 10 - 11 weeks old. So it does not make too much sense to really push to get him younger than that. You cannot do the mother's job and you can encounter some problems later, which you would not have if the kitten comes when 12 - 14 weeks old.
When to ship the kitten is strictly our decision, together with our vet. 


Q: How about the kitten's pedigree?
A:  All our breeding cats are pedigree cats, they are all registered with TICA and Persians also with CFA.
Your kitten comes with a Contract and a Health Certificate and with a one year guarantee against a hereditary disease. You are not allowed to breed our kittens without breeding rights, which have to be agreed and paid for ahead of time.  Part of the Contract is, that the kitten has to be neutered at the age of 6-8 months. After you provide us with a veterinary proof that the kitten was spayed, and when arranged ahead of time, then we can forward you kittens registration documents and a small TICA fee will be due. This has to be arranged prior the adoption, because it is quite time consuming and 90% of families do not request registration. We randomly neuter some kittens.

Q: Are your kittens fixed before leaving the cattery?
A: Sometimes. Our decisions are made together with our veterinary, who is very experienced and specializes in cats only.  Yes, in some catteries the kittens are fixed very young and since it is a major surgery for females, sometimes they die.  Some breeders do it - since they want to be sure the buyer will not breed the cat illegally. We have the statement in our CONTRACT (below) and we trust our adoptive families, that they will keep the contract and will not breed the cat illegally, without breeding rights.  :)

Q:  Which coat colors do you breed?
A:  We first started with golden and silver kittens, choosing the smallest golden and silver adults available. That's why most of our Minuets are very small.  Then we added chocolate and lilac, chocolate point and lilac point (Himalayans). We have two calico queens, so we have bicolor, calico, chocolate calico and cameo kittens.
And finally we are adding those very beautiful and unusual colors - cinnamon and fawn. 


Kitten Contract

This kitten/cat is being adopted as a pet, does not have the breeding rights and must be spayed or neutered before the age of 6-8 months. If desired, her CFA or TICA registration documents and pedigree will be forwarded to the new owner after the veterinary proof of spay/neuter is provided to breeder. This must be arranged prior to purchase. The kitten/cat is adopted in good faith and appears to be in an excellent health and age appropriate weight. This cat will NEVER be declawed, since such a surgery is a cruelty against the animal. The seller reserves the right to cancel any kitten adoption at any time prior to pick up.

It is expected that the purchaser will provide a loving home that cares for all the physical, medical and emotional needs of the kitten/cat.

           Under no circumstances will this cat/kitten be sold, leased, given away to any pet shop, research laboratory, animal shelter or similar facility. Should purchaser be unable to keep cat/kitten, the seller is to be notified and a suitable new placement is to be approved by seller. Contract remains in effect with a new placement.

           A nonrefundable $200 (or $400 for standards) deposit is required to hold the kitten/cat. Balance is due prior to shipping. All vaccinations are current at the time of purchase. Purchaser is expected to provide further needed vaccinations.

The adopted kitten /cat is protected by a health guarantee against all life threatening genetic defects up to one year of age. Should it be found by a licensed veterinarian that this kitten/cat in fact has a life threatening genetic defect, upon written proof/necropsy, a replacement kitten/cat of comparable quality and value will be offered when available (within one year).

The purchaser has three business days to have a veterinarian exam performed should purchaser so desire. It is recommended the kitten/cat is quarantined from other pets for a minimum of two weeks. Failure to have the kitten/cat examined within the three days relieves the seller of any financial responsibility and renders this contract void. After that any expenses incurred by the new owner for the veterinarian or the treatment of the kitten/cat shall be the sole responsibility of the new owner. Should medical treatment be necessary within 3 days period, upon proof, the breeder will be responsible for half of the incurred bill for medication only.

Minuet Kitten Cattery maximum liability for this cat is the cat’s purchase price, less the cost of shipping.


. We reserve the right to cancel the kitten reservation or purchase at any time without giving any reason or explanation. 


Stories from our Friends & Past Babies

"We love hearing from you & your kitten!"



With so many catteries to choose between, deciding on one can be an overwhelming task. It has been suggested to us that we offer a place where people can read stories & comments written by families that have adopted one (or more!) of our kittens.  We listened.
We asked and have received the following.  Please feel free to offer any comments and we will update as needed. We hope this offers the confidence and assurance that we are the place to come for your minuet or BSH darlings.


“Hi Lada and Nancy,

I hope you are both keeping well. I just wanted to give you an update on Maple (we call her Lulu). She is very happy with us and has settled in nicely. She has become friends with Sumo, our Tonkinese. Noddy, our other BSH is tolerant of her but they haven’t played together yet. She has a ferocious appetite and thinks that any food (including ours) is hers. She is very loving, loves to watch tv and runs around like a maniac! We absolutely adore her.

I have sent you a short clip of the outdoor room and a couple of pics of it as well. Lulu loves to sit out there, especially early morning and watches the squirrels and birds at play. She is fascinated by them.”

Blessings to you both, Nasso & Craig

 Lulu, Sumo & Noddy have a whole catio for themselves to enjoy!

Lulu, Sumo & Noddy have a whole catio for themselves to enjoy!



We absolutely adore MJ! We kept his name which stands for Mister July, his birth month :) Our big cat is still adjusting ;) but the rest of our family couldn't be happier. He loves to play and cuddle, and he melts our hearts with his sweet little face. We love him so much! 

Carla & Tony” 

MJ (BSH) just relaxing and looking so happy in his new home with his loving family!

“Hi Lada & Nancy!

They {Noah & Nolan} are doing really good!

Time flies and they are growing fast, look at how cute they are! They are active and playful. I love them so much, so do my friends! Thank you for bringing me them!

Here are some photos!”

~ Yuanhao

BSH Brothers Noah & Nolan in their favorite cat tree, so content!

 Oatmeal and Orchid looking happy and relaxed loving their new family.

Oatmeal and Orchid looking happy and relaxed loving their new family.

"Hi Nancy & Lada,

Oatmeal and Orchid are such cute and cuddly kittens! Nancy and Lada did a very good job training and preparing them for their new home because upon coming to their new home, they were litterbox trained and comfortable. Oatmeal and Orchid have very good personalities. Orchid is brave and graceful; Oatmeal is inquisitive and mischievous. Both of them also love cuddling up near or on us, very puppy-like. Getting two at the same time was definitely the right choice for us as these siblings are having a blast playing with each other all the time.

Best regards, Anthony & Ava, Oatmeal & Orchid”

Oatmeal & Orchid have their own instagram account page @oatmeal_orchid We are following to see their daily adventures!


“Hi Lada & Nancy!

Just wanted to let you both know that Wanda and Blue Angel are adjusting well to their new home, there have been no issues and the vet thought they were both precious and healthy. I've attached some pictures for you, they play together, nap together and use the litter box together... pretty much inseparable :)
I'm in love with these two, absolute sweethearts with big personalities. The process was painless, Nancy and Lada were very communicative and responsive to my inquiries and made sure I had everything I needed to give them a loving home.  The kittens were very well cared for and had a clean bill of health from the vet.  Not to mention they love humans and very social with other cats.  Wish I could take them all home but instead will highly recommend to anyone looking for a cute, loving addition to their family. Thank you both so much again, they are an absolute joy to have in my life.”

~ Wendy in Santa Monica, CA

 Blue Angel & Wanda - inseparable friends!

Blue Angel & Wanda - inseparable friends!

 Oliver & Dejah, happy to be home

Oliver & Dejah, happy to be home

“ Oliver and Dejah (new name) are doing well. We just got home from Cincinnati and I think they are happy to be home! Oliver missed his window perch. He has grown so much I can’t believe it! I changed their instagram name when I named Dejah. They are @oliver_n_dejahthoris 

Dejah is named after a Martian Warrior Princess from the Edger Rice Burrough’s John Carter of Mars books. I thought it fitting as she is able to hold her own with Oliver. They are both doing well and Dejah is eating everything! Finally!!! Her respiratory infection she caught seems to be finally behind her. They are both very sweet and playful. “

~ best, Georgia, Oliver & Dejah ~  

 Mimi, posing pretty……

Mimi, posing pretty……

“Just letting you know Grump and Mimi are doing well,they are really growing they weigh 3 lbs now and love playing with each other and well you were right 2 are better!! They are my babies. My little Yorkie wasn't too sure at first, but she loves them now. They went straight to their little box but Grump watched my Yorkie, and Grump now goes where my Yorkie goes. I love to snuggle with them. They are my joy! They really are beautiful kittens thank you again I love them. “

~Robin in Homeland, CA

 ….and Grump, blue standard minuet boy

….and Grump, blue standard minuet boy


Hi Lada & Nancy,

Oolong, is doing well. I took him to the vet last Thursday & he seems like he's perfectly healthy. He started eating on Thursday morning as well. He's adjusting very well and is becoming more adventurous every day. Here's some new photos of him in his new home.

Sincerely, Weishi



 Jasper & Pearl. Two are so much better than one!

Jasper & Pearl. Two are so much better than one!

“Hi Lada and Nancy,

 I am in love with now Pearl and Jasper (Lady Lavender and Little Boy Blue). They have adjusted to our home really well. They have been a ball of energy and play well together with our dogs that are also in the household. The experience was great being able to meet you at the airport & the kittens did very well flying back with us and when entered into our home, they just played. They have not stopped since and it has been an exciting adventure with these two! Would definitely recommend getting a kitten, better two. I have loved having the kittens home.

best, Lisa, Pearl & Jasper” ~ Gig Harbor, WA


Tatum has just been recently adopted by Kalli, and she is adjusting wonderfully here in San Diego, CA.

 Tatum in her new home with Kalli

Tatum in her new home with Kalli

 Handsome boy, Quido, above

Handsome boy, Quido, above


“ I knew from the first moment I saw him on the website that he would make a precious addition to our family. We had a great experience flying out to Los Angeles to bring our kitten back home with us to the East Coast. Our kitten could not be sweeter. We love him so much. Quido is the sweetest. Thank you again! ”

~ Behnaz in Germantown, MD September 2018


"Hello Lada and Nancy,

Both kittens ( Teddy & Terry ) are doing really well! We are so glad that we were able to bring both of them home together. They love playing and sleeping with each other. We have so much fun playing with them!

Thank you very much,
Cory and family in Temecula, CA

Note from our cattery: we always suggest to adopt 2 kittens together, it makes the transition immeasurably easier, and your family has twice the joy & love!

 Siblings Teddy and Terry got to stay together - yeay!

Siblings Teddy and Terry got to stay together - yeay!


"Hi Nancy & Lada! 

I am emailing to let you know Tinkerbell is now called Delilah, and we are completely in love. She is absolutely tiny and her short little legs are the cutest, but trust me, they do NOT slow her down!! She is so fast!! She’s such an adventurous and vocal kitten who loves to play and explore, but she is also so cuddly and will sleep on her back in our arms. It is the utmost cuteness. She loves to look into our eyes so soulfully and will clearly grow up to be a perfect cat. Thank you guys again for everything!!!

She is such a blessing!

Love from Cheyenne, Colorado, and Mitch"      August 2018

"Hi Nancy and Lada,

Prince Harry is the most adorable, sweetest and bravest kitty I’ve ever seen! We renamed him Harry. He explored on the first day soon as we opened the carrier for him- I could tell he was a little shaken up by the transport experience, but the good thing is I think he knows how to express him by meowing. He meows when he wants to play, meows when hungry, meows when feeling alone and homesick. Harry curled up against my arm on the first night, guess he’s starting to like me ;)

He’s smart to find his new litter box and use it right away.
The flight and new environment did make him a little sick, he’s having a cold- already much better today, I’m sure he will adapt soon.

We’re so grateful for our choice, hoping Harry can light up White Paws. Thank you again for making thoughtful recommendations and being transparent throughout this whole process. I’m sending some pictures along with this email.

thanks again, Shay & family" July 2018

 Prince Harry posing

Prince Harry posing

 Momo (BSH), totally trusting and relaxing at home

Momo (BSH), totally trusting and relaxing at home

"Momo (formerly Emerald) is the best thing that ever happened to my family this year! This adorable kitty brought us a lot of happiness and joy. My husband and I cannot stop smiling at him and spend most of our time playing with him :)

He is amazingly friendly and gentle. He loves to cuddle and be touched. He always sleeps on our bed between my husband and I, and wakes us up with his gentle touches in the morning. It is definitely the best alarm in the world.

Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful kitten!!

We will send you more of his pictures soon!"

~ Suhyun Jo & Jonathan in Los Angeles, CA

Momo has his own instagram account page @__momo_thecat__ we are following to see the handsome boy he grows into!

"Dixie has been the best kitten I could have asked for. She was very nervous at first but after the third day, she was very comfortable with myself and everyone who would come by. Now she is a very outgoing and playful kitten that loves to run around the entire apartment. She is also very loving and shows it by following me to every room I go to and taking her naps next to me. I also love how she likes to sleep on her back which is the first I’ve seen a kitten do. She makes me laugh and so happy that now I always want to be home with her all the time. She is the best kitten I could have asked for!!!"

~ Albert in Hollywood, CA

 Dixie, who loves to sleep like this - look at those short cute legs!

Dixie, who loves to sleep like this - look at those short cute legs!




" Little Huckleberry is home safe and sound. He ate wet food, explored, and now has his favorite spot under the bed. He is doing well and will begin adjusting in no time. He is such a joy and we love him so much!!! Thank you for everything."

~ Sarah in Salt Lake City, UT


"Hi Lada and Nancy!

Giselle arrived in good shape! We are totally in LOVE!!   She is so cute & very affectionate. She is adjusting pretty well. 

Thank you so much! We are very happy,"

~ Cathy and Sami    in Newtown, PA

 Giselle looking cute in her new home

Giselle looking cute in her new home

Irish Cream2.jpg
Irish Cream 1.jpg

"Thank you so much for our new kitty! We adore him! He is so sweet. He is doing great! Totally warmed up to us yesterday. Thank you again."

~ Chelsea, Harper & family in Las Vegas, NV

Harper snuggling with Irish Cream, now called Cinnamon.

"Hi. We named her Evie (formerly Grace Kitty) - her personality is spirited, curious and daring. She and Ashby are fast becoming loving companions. Our vet says Evie is healthy and will be getting her third immunization shot on the 3rd of July. She is already has insurance just in case her bravery gets her in a bit of of a pickle. She is eating and drinking well (including goat’s milk) and having fun exploring our home which is nice and roomy for all of us. Presently Ashby and Evie are napping together - so very sweet. Please stay in touch, we will try to keep you updated.

Till next time, Vaughn and Pearl" in Simi Valley, CA

“Hi. Just wanted to update you on Evie. She was spayed on Monday. She did well and is recovering brilliantly. It is a challenge for her to remain confined to her playpen since she is very playful and active when well. We, especially Ashby, just love her spirit and personality - she is very sweet but an adorable rascal. Curious about everything and everyone. Evie stays close to me and let’s me know when she wants to know where I am if separated too long - 5 minutes or so. 
Have a wonderful holiday season and speak with you soon.

Warmly, Vaughn and Pearl (of course the little ones also)”

 Ashby & Evie, best of friends

Ashby & Evie, best of friends

Note from our cattery, Evie joined Ashby previously adopted from us by Vaughn and Pearl - so glad they can be loving friends!

 Munchie, formerly Duchess

Munchie, formerly Duchess

"Hi Nancy & Lada,

Munchie (formerly Duchess) sleeps with me at night and last night I woke up to find her lying on my chest. She now likes to ride in the truck and I am training her to go for walks with me on a leash. I’ll try to send a video of that. I think she is starting to get the hang of it.

My Mother has 5 dogs and Munchie fearlessly navigates her way around them.  I keep a very vigilant eye but wanted her to feel comfortable around other animals.

In short, she is amazing. Affectionate, smart, playful AND the PERFECT SIZE!!!  Oh I know, she will get bigger, but not too much I hope!!  She has 2 cat trees and numerous toys scattered around the house.  She loves the plastic ‘screws’ and the 3 tiered-ball toys that you recommended.

Her companionship is helping me deal with a difficult situation.  Everyone who meets her falls immediately in love!

Thank you for such a wonderful animal.

~ Kathryn in Eureka, CA

"Dante settled in pretty quickly and is acting as if he’s always been here. He’s eating well and follows me from room to room. He and Sven are getting along great! I’ve attached a picture of them together. They are sleeping on the same dog bed at night despite me trying to get Dante to stay in my room with me. I think they both like having the company of each other while I am at work. I watch them through my web cam and they seem to spend a lot of time playing with each other. I’m really happy with how everything has turned out.

Thank you, James”

~ James in San Diego, CA

 Sven & little Dante

Sven & little Dante



"Toro (formerly Baby Azzul), is one of most wonderful things that ever happened to us. He is very playful, gentle, lovely and warm hearted.

On the first day of coming home, he was very scared from the flight and us. His eyes were so big with his cute little face. We left him in a small office room with litter box, dry food and water. The first day, he was not eating at all. He started to open up after a night, started to eat food and play & walk around the room. After a week, he was able to eat food very well and already he knew how to use the rest room haha. This is awesome!

A month passed by so quickly, he is gotten a little bigger and very lovely. He is very curious with everything and now walks around our house easily. He comes sleep with us on the bed everyday and has not been disturbing at all. We woke up with him on our side and every morning he will sit on Songkran’s chest :)

After dinner, he will be sleeping on Sarah's lap and he is very warm and gentle. He purrs a lot whenever he is close to us.

Thank you again for letting us have him. He is so wonderful in every way"!

~ Songkran & Sarah in Santa Clara, CA (May, 2018)



 Winston and his new bestie

Winston and his new bestie

"Winston fit right in from day one. He's a bundle of energy and follows me around like a shadow. We live with an older dog and they have become best friends. I'm so grateful for Winston and looking forward to seeing him grow big and healthy!

Best, Fiona"

~ Fiona & family in Glendale, CA

Cameron (Fiona) (2).jpeg
 Black Diamond

Black Diamond


"Hi guys,

[Black Diamond] is doing great! My daughter loves her so much She is happy & playful. She’s eating great & so far no problems holding her own w/ the dogs."

~ Anna & family in Simi Valley, CA


"It was so good seeing you again and meeting the rest of your family on Friday. The little guy (Dancer) slept on Saeed’s lap all the way to Los Angeles. And he was totally acclimated to our house by Sunday. He is playing like crazy, eating well, and you can tell he can’t wait to meet his brothers and sister. We named him Pappu.

He’s super sweet and funny, and we are so happy we were able to bring him home."

~ John & Saeed in Los Angeles, CA

Note from our Cattery: Pappu is the 4th kitten being adopted from Minuet Kittens into John's home, joining 2 brothers and a sister. Congratulations on your newest addition! We are so glad they can bring you so much joy & love!

 Dancer - standard white with chocolate boy

Dancer - standard white with chocolate boy



"Bailey is doing great! She is very sweet and affectionate. We’ve all fallen in love with her, and the dog is getting there too.

See attached of her sleeping in her cat-tree, which she LOVES.

Thanks for breeding such a great kitten!"

~ Kristy and family in Pasadena, CA (May 2018)


"Artemis (Bentley) is such a funny and spunky little soul, we're totally smitten with her. The vet checked her out and declared her healthy- thank you for raising such a wonderful kitten! We're so happy to have the privilege of being her family. Thank you!"

~ Yvette & family in San Diego, CA (May 2018)



 Ginger enjoying the Texas sunshine

Ginger enjoying the Texas sunshine

"Ginger is such a doll; follows me everywhere. She is doing great!! We feel so lucky to have her. Thank you so much, she is super sweet."

~ Tasha & family in Austin, TX (March 2018)

"A quick update on White Paws’ who has been eating wet and dry food well. Definitely more relaxed than in the first week. I can see he’s now curious about us, the other day when I was working, he came around a couple times to check up! Here’s a picture of him!"

~ Shay in Sunnyvale, CA (January 2018)

Note from our cattery: White Paws was adopted as a teenager and Shay and family adopted a second kitten from us in early July. Very happy for them to be play mates & buddies! Second kitten is featured above on our testimonials page.

 White Paws

White Paws

"I have attached new photos of my sweet babies Mittens & Milo, so you can see how they are growing up! Thank you again for such wonderful blessings. They bring me so much joy. Getting two cats was such a great decision.

I hope you have a blessed year."

~ Sincerely, Allison in Birmingham, AL (September 2017)

 Mittens & Milo

Mittens & Milo

Mittens & Milo.JPG

"Both my wife and I are ecstatic about having Minuets in our lives! They are a bundle of joy and provide us with smiles on a daily basis. The process was so simple for us and even the adjustment period was short." ~ Nathan

"Roxy, aka Mew, is doing great and adjusting well. She gets along perfectly with my pup, they’re always lounging around together." ~ Heather

~ from Nathan, Heather & family in San Diego, CA

 Roxy aka Mew. She is a very funny cat. So much personality!" ~ Nathan

Roxy aka Mew. She is a very funny cat. So much personality!" ~ Nathan

 Kiba (formerly JC) who just arrived to join Mew in May

Kiba (formerly JC) who just arrived to join Mew in May

Note from our cattery: Mew was adopted in March, and in May she got another kitten friend from us - lilac boy now named Kiba. Thank you & we look forward to updates on these two :-)

"Butterscotch is doing really well. He is really used to our home now. He is always running all around full of energy. We adore him. And he always sleeps at the foot of our bed every night. We love him. Thank you so much."

~ Derrick & family in San Diego, CA

Note from our cattery: Butterscotch was also adopted as a teenager, and we are glad he adores his new family and home.

 Butterscotch, flame point non standard minuet boy

Butterscotch, flame point non standard minuet boy

 Finnley snuggling with Mike

Finnley snuggling with Mike


"Finnley is doing amazing! It took him a month to really warm up to me, but now he loves spending time with me. He's very playful and loves to cuddle and be brushed. I think he loves his new home."

~ Mike and family, San Diego, CA

Note from our cattery: Finnley was adopted as a teenager, and we are glad he adores his new forever home.


"We love our addition! He (Frodo) is so sweet and loving! He loves to play with toys and sleeps at the foot of our bed. He is a talker too! Very happy to have our cuddly boy.... our daughter renamed him Private Gunny.... since our son left for the Marines she wanted to have a military touch with her new companion ️ Thanks so much!"

~ Amy, Johnny, & Giselle in Pico Rivera, CA

 Private Gunny

Private Gunny

 Vanilla Cream

Vanilla Cream

"Vanilla Cream made herself at home from day one. She is so funny and is not afraid of anything. Right now she is playing chase with Crook, they get along very well. I knew they would. I may be interested in getting another one in the near future."

~ Noelle in Torrance, CA

"Well Byron is doing well. He is definitely a love bug like you said. He greets me at the door as soon as I get home from work, He has been pretty funny as what ever I touch he insists on touching as well. He is a lover and a talker, and hasn't left my side, almost like a puppy, thanks again for everything."

~ Christopher from Lakeview, OR




"Happy New Year!!! Sage is doing great, my husband and kids love her. Thank you again, I will send more pics soon."

~ Kalani from Las Vegas, NV (January 2018)



"He (Sydney) is doing amazing!! I love him dearly and he has become a part of the family. He was neutered last month and is growing big!"

~ Julie from Kansas City, Missouri



"Rea is a joy & doing well. She is adorable! I view her as a part of my family. I will definitely recommend you to my friends, it has been a great experience with you when we communicated before we adopted Rea, and it has been a great experience when we came to pick her up."

~ Minmin in Davis, CA

 Vash the Stampede

Vash the Stampede

"The little guy (Sasha) is doing really well! We have renamed him Vash the Stampede (after an animated character). He s very curious, brave, affectionate and vocal. Its a sign of how well you guys have raised him. Thank you so much!"

~ Love, Eunice & Sean in Long Beach, CA

 Frida - medium haired calico minuet

Frida - medium haired calico minuet


~ Vanessa in Loomis, CA (December 2017)

Note from our cattery: Frida is living on an 8 acre with horses, other animals, Vanessa & her family.


"You and your mama are the best and were both so amazing during the waiting period for Paige. We definitely will recommend your cattery to all of our friends and family. We might just get another baby for my 11 year old. Much like Abby, she will have to earn it. Thank you again!"

~ Eva & Abby from Upland, CA (November 2017)





"Alion is doing well!! He gets more and more outgoing every day. He has bonded with my son, and when he is home, that is where you will find him. He likes to sit at his computer and "help" him do homework. He is beautiful and full of personality! Thanks again!"

~Linda in San Jose, CA (October 2017)

 Bob & Moe

Bob & Moe

"Bob and Moe are doing wonderful!!!!! We feel so lucky to have 2 such wonderful cats, who truly love each other. They are both so patient with the kids and we spend hours laughing at how hilarious they both are. Bob especially is a really funny cat. He’s incredibly intelligent and has figured out how to turn all his toys on and off and can even open the lower cabinets in our kitchen to sleep or steal treats! He’s very very clever. Moe is just a the biggest cuddler ever. I’ve never met a cat who loves to be loved as much as Moe does."

~Alyssa & family in Bellingham, WA

Update: Alyssa is also adopting a 3rd kitten from us in March 2018, congratulations Alyssa! We are glad they bring so much love & joy!



"Ozzie is here and we absolutely love him! He is very gentle when he plays, apparently his mama taught him well. We will send updates as he settles in, he is exploring and being a good boy."

~ Carol from Torrance, CA